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We can help you to take advantage of natural renewable resources through simple strategies:

-Solar heat and daylight for natural space and water heating, cooking, lighting, etc.

-Rain water for landscape irrigation and cleaning.

We offer you the whole project from preliminary design until you get your house key.

Tequis House

Tequis House (2007) is a demonstration of sustainable technologies and energy savings based on optimization of natural resources like rain and solar radiation. The roof was designed as an inverted umbrella to capture rainwater which is poured into a 8000 L tank connected to the irrigation system. There is a dual water supply pipeline for potable and non-potable uses. Also the drainage system is dual in order to recycle grey water and reuse it. Non-reusable waters go to a septic tank.


The envelope is designed to maximize solar radiation on glazing facing south in order to provide passive space heating. Brick walls on the bedrooms provide the required thermal mass for night conditioning based on natural radiant heating. An active system of radiant floors connected to a solar tank of water warmed up during the sun hours, provides additional heating when required. A photovoltaic system connected to the grid contributes to decentralization of power generation. Local materials and constructive systems were used, like massive solid brick vaults and walls.